Smart Water Solutions

“780 million people in the world lack fresh water.”

Inconvenient Truths

  • 780 million people lack fresh water
  • 10%: the portion of fresh water people consume directly.
  • 90%: the portion of fresh water used to grow food. 
  • 7,133 gallons: amount of water used to produce a pound of beef
  • 700 gallons: amount of water used to produce a cotton t-shirt. 
  • 2,600 gallons: water to produce a pair of jeans. 
  • 240,000 gallons: water lost each year due to aging infrastructure and main breaks. 
  • 100 gallons: average American uses a day.
  • 38 gallons: to produce one cup of coffee

It’s a Thirsty World

For California some key guidelines are known as CalGreen. CalGreen is California’s Green Building Standards code and is located in Part 11 of the California Building Code Title 24. Pertinent to this presentation was the designated max flow for lavatory (1.2 gallons per minute (GPM)), kitchen (1.8 GPM), and showerheads (2.0 GPM). 
The Water-Energy Nexus. As the California Energy Commission has researched, “Water-related electricity use is 48 terawatt-hours (TWh) per year and accounts for nearly 20% of California’s total electricity consumption.”

Learn about Water Sense from the EPA

Learn more about the water-energy nexus

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