Delta Updates Its Brand Identity


January 28, 2013

Every brand needs active management to maintain and build its value and it was time to give Delta Controls marketing a little TLC. Delta Controls is one of the largest independent manufacturers of building control systems, but we don’t shout a lot about it. We’ve modernized our look to better reflect the innovative high-tech company we are and make sure that we are presenting a distinctive, modern and professional image globally. We have retained the core elements of the brand identity which make a strong visual impact so that our brand retains our heritage.

Marketing Director Una de Boer says,

“Delta needed to make sure we were communicating why Delta is distinctive more effectively – Everyone inside Delta and our 300 Partners globally called us the industry’s best kept secret! “Our brand stands for our continuing heritage of BACNet innovation and our ‘Do it Right’ business culture, which means choosing Delta Controls is always the right choice now, and for the long term.”