Need Money for Your School’s Energy Audit?

Considering putting together an application to get Prop 39 money to improve you school’s facilities in California? Consider applying to the Bright Schools Program. The Bright Schools Program Program funded by the California Energy Commission to provide the cost (up to $20,000) for an energy audit to identify cost-effective energy saving opportunities for school facilities. […]

ISO 14000

ISO, the International Organization for Standards, is an independent, non-governmental organization, that collectively manages the standards organizations of 164 countries. The efforts of ISO allows helps standards in products and services be safe, reliable, and of good quality. There are also standards to help businesses increase productivity and reduce waste. بي بال As such, one […]

Energy Code Ace New Navigation Tools for Title 24

Energy Code Ace has come up with a new navigation tool for Title 24. بلوت The Navigator Title 24 Tool helps building designers to understand the process for compliance using one of four methods: the residential performance method, the residential prescriptive method, the nonresidential performance method, and the nonresidential prescriptive method. بديل روليت Although the […]

Building Analytics at the Four Seasons Hotel and Tower Miami

10 story office building within a luxury hotel complex Reduced annual energy spend by 64% Cost savings of $59,970 The Challenge: Before undertaking a retrofit and commissioning of the Offices located at the Four Seasons Hotel and Tower Miami (a 10-story office building), South Florida Controls (SFC) wanted to prove to their client – Millenium […]

Common Financial Analysis for Energy Projects

Energy efficiency of buildings in San Diego is a top priority to a few people. A company exists to create revenue and the core product is usually not improving the energy efficiency of the workplace. To communicate value to building owners and decision makers it is necessary to provide common financial analysis. Some common financial […]

Delta Updates Its Brand Identity

DELTA UPDATES ITS BRAND IDENTITY January 28, 2013 Every brand needs active management to maintain and build its value and it was time to give Delta Controls marketing a little TLC. Delta Controls is one of the largest independent manufacturers of building control systems, but we don’t shout a lot about it. We’ve modernized our […]

Beyond ‘Wow’: Real Gains From An EMS Upgrade

Showcase: Controls Part 1: Beyond ‘Wow’: Real Gains From An EMS Upgrade Part 2: Upgrading Or Replacing EMS System A Big Decision Part 3: Product Showcase Beyond ‘Wow’: Real Gains From An EMS Upgrade By James Piper, P.E. July 2011 When properly used, energy management systems (EMS) can reduce facility energy use, improve customer comfort, increase building system […]